Tour of Art and Stained Glass

We are thankful for the artwork that helps to remind us of Biblical truth.  This multi-part series consists of PowerPoint shows that you download and watch on your device.  Please let us know what you found to be helpful.   The files are a bit large due to the many photos needed.

Click on the “Part” that you want to view to open the show in a new window. 

Part One: Introduction to the concept and history of using symbols in a place of worship and the first things you see when you enter St. Thomas. 

Part Two: The symbols in the front (North) window that reflect the life of Jesus Christ.
These depict Jesus’ life/death/resurrection. 

Part Three: The symbols in the left (West) window that reflect the tools of the Church.
These are our teachings about traditional rites, God’s Word, and sacraments.

Part Four: The symbols in the right (East) window that reflect the Apostles.
These show the activity of the Early Christian Church. 

Part Five: The symbols in the back (South) window that reflects the work of the church on earth. 
These show our continuing mission activity in the world today.