How Do I Get There?

    * Click here for directions and map.

Where Do I Park?
There is a full-size parking lot behind the church.

Where Is The Entrance?
Enter the church area through the doors to the far left.  Enter the school area through the doors in the center of the building.  Wheelchair accessible.

Where Do The Kids Go?
For Sunday School they go to the school area.  Signs will direct you.

What Are The Worship Services Like?
We have a variety of liturgical traditions expressing and upholding our Lutheran heritage while not losing sight of the contemporary needs of today’s worshiper.

What Do I Wear?
Dress from dressy to casual will help you feel comfortable.

Can I Meet The Pastor?
Please introduce yourself.

What is the meaning of “Missouri Synod”?

      *  This is part of our denominational name of “The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod”, which is also known as the “LCMS”.  Missouri is the location of where we were established in the early 1800’s.  “Synod” is a Greek term meaning that we are a collection of congregations walking together with Jesus.   There are over 5000 congregations in all 50 States and we have partner denominations around the world.  The denominational website is filled with useful information about what we believe.

Why does our church have only male pastors?
Check out this link for a video explanation.

What if I want to become a member?
New Member Orientation is a six-week course designed to review the basic doctrines of the Christian church with emphasis on Lutheran doctrine as applied and practiced at St. Thomas.  The time and day of these sessions are set up to accommodate potential members.  Baby-sitting is available.

Anything Else That’s Good To Know?
Yes, visit our Welcome Table as you come into the church and help yourself to the information that is there for visitors.
Take a look around this web site to find out more about us.