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Pastor’s Focus Group

Currently R. Bekebrede (2016), J. Green (2018), and T. Combs (2017)

This team is recruited by the Pastor for his support and care in service to the Lord and his Call to St. Thomas.

The men of this group will

-    Pray regularly for the pastor and his family.

-         Meet monthly with Pastor to listen, reflect, and pray.

-         Support the Pastor in LCMS practices and doctrine.

-         Serve as a “sounding board” for situations that may need special care especially those involving Christian Discipline.

-         Serve at the Pastor’s invitation to be present in the event of special care or Christian Discipline.

-         Respect the confidentiality of information shared within the group.


-         These men will be chosen by the pastor based upon the same criteria used for the Board of Directors.  Specifically:

o       Agree with the vision and mission of St. Thomas

o       Are active in Word and Sacrament Ministry

o       Are active in First Fruit giving of time, talent and treasure.

-         Each man is asked to serve for three years.  The commitment of one man will be completed each year allowing for him to be invited to serve for another three years, or for another to be asked to fill the team.

-         Recruitment will coincide with the Congregation’s Annual Meeting


   To the Pastor:

-         They are responsible to the Pastor

   To the Congregation

-         They relate to the congregation as members and active participants in Word and Sacrament.