The Christian Bible has been the most printed book for generations.  It has influenced cultures around the world and is worth reading.  

I have found it important to teach first that the Bible is not a single book.  It is more of a library of 66 books.  Each book was written for a specific purpose but all of them work together to reveal the hand of God in history.  The basic division in the Bible are the 39 books of the Hebrew Scriptures (often referred to as the Old Testament).  This was completed before the birth of Jesus c 2000 years ago.  The 27 books of the New Testament were written about the life of Jesus and the history of the first decades of the Christian church. 

I encourage you to start with the Book of John.  It presents and overview of the life of Jesus who is the answer to the promise of God.  The books of Matthew, Mark, and Luke do the same thing but from their unique perspectives.

After reading John, then return to the first two books of the Bible: Genesis and Exodus.  Here you will read the promise of God that a man would restore the world that was broken by the rebellion of Adam and Eve.  Here you will also meet some of the people you may have heard about: Noah and the Ark, Moses, Miriam, Abraham, Sarah and the adventures of the Tower of Babel, The Great Flood, parting the Red Sea and more. 

Along the way, you will enjoy reading the texts of ancient songs known as the book of Psalms.  You will enjoy Psalm 23, 46, 51 and others.  You will also enjoy scanning the wisdom of the book of Proverbs.

When you have read the above, you are on your way to enjoying other books of the Bible.  I encourage you to search online for introductions to each book so you will know the context and themes.  The purpose of this short article was to help you get started because the Bible is worth reading.  Use "contact us" with your questions or comments and check back here for links to helpful sites for other parts of the Bible.

God bless your journey, 

Pastor Eric Van Scyoc
St. Thomas, Rocky River

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